dimanche 30 mai 2010

Water and Baby

Have you ever held a new born baby in your arms? It is more than nine months ago now, when I we were out from the hospital with our new born baby I realized how precious life is, how delicate and gentle it is.
We stopped for avocado juice as a cafe near by Polyclinic du Sud. The mopeds, cars and people were moving recklessly making sounds that felt suddenly amplified to an enormous noise. Yes, one might say since I just gave birth few days prior I was kidney deficiency and my hearing was too sensitive. It is true but there was something more to it.
It was as we forgot, I admit I did not know to what extend even as an acupuncturist, how to be gentle. The world is/become obligated to a need of shouting, running, violently driving, first passing and imposing right of way. In this world I was holding in my arms something precious that needed care and protection. How could it survive in this world without it???

As I was arranging my books in my treatment room, I came across Dr. Masaru Emoto messages in the Water. It shows images of Water exposed to different electromagnetic influences or even a thought. It made me remember that feeling of holding my new born baby. As we are born we are mainly made of water...The love thoughts make the most beautiful shapes... what about the thoughts of people walking by and noise of a busy street? How do the water crystals in our body arrange than? How delicate is the world in its essence.


Therefore when using the tonification technique of touch needling I want to remember how delicate life is and how quickly it responds to touch, thought, energy. Any thoughts?

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