mercredi 9 juin 2010

Simple...but not easy. Meridian Therapy Miracles

Originally I wanted to name this post "heart patient", this was an interesting case because without meridian therapy I would not be able to help this patient.
Male 45 years old suffering severe food allergies, and severe palpitations with sharp abdominal pain after eating anything else besides rice and chicken broth.
He came to see me after exhausting run for few year of seeing many different specialists of allopathic medicine. He was under tremendous pressure at work too. Sometimes feeling pressure on Ren 14.
His pulse was weak rapid, it was difficult to determine because so much was going on...the pulse was thready also irregular, it seamed superficial floating, superficial on distal left as well and middle left position with deep weak upon the pressure on middle right. Because the palpitations were exhausting and frightening the patient I decided to work on Liv 1 spleen 1 and San jiao 1 Pc 9, to see if the feeling below the heart and the pals stop(I also used the water and metal point on fire - small intestine, did not do much. Well yang meridian well more for disorders along the channel than internal, I thought).
It did decreased, I used SJ 2 and it cleared completely. Because additional complained was noise in Right ear from a traumatic shock long time in the past I used SJ 3 (maybe I dispersed it too much), which immediately started the palpitations again. Back to SJ 2 and PC9 they stopped. All very gentle and slow. After a while I took a pulse again, it felt calmer and more "even". The following sessions the patient felt better and better and the pulse started to remind more Spleen Deficiency Liver Excess Blood Stag pattern. Although still not very clear book example. I slowly treated SP3 PC7 LIV8 GB 41 but at the same time some wood points on yin meridian as I could not believe that such an improvement was possible and I did not wanted to jinx it... I follower that lead to have further improvement in patients condition. Additional things I did during treatment was chinetskyu on front mu R14, 12, 10, 9, 4 St25. Toonetskyu on hard areas on lower abdomen, and back Bl 20, 22, 23. Chinetskyu upper back B14, 15, 17, 18. Few more cones on the right as the right shoulder was quite tight. Well weather is good or not, 2 months later, my patient indulges in eating everything and is palpitations free. He told me he even had pizza! The most important, the patient got better!! Whatever I was able to do i was grateful to Meridian Therapy and Ikeda Sensei. I did not do exactly what in the book but I kept checking the pulse with almost every needle. Such is path of someone who has no Master by their side 24/7 to ask questions on everyday basis. Many of us are lonely in the clinic and we need each other for support. PS I did try KD 7 each time the pulse was not changing but it made sense to use it pathology wise so I did for few sessions. I also received a thank you note from my patients doctor and request to explain what I did. here is what I wrote:

(...) as to TCM pathology, it is maybe bit too difficult to put it in a short e-mail but here it is:
I found the Small intestine pulse to show signs of heat, that heat is going to the heart (small intestine and heart have yin/yang relationship and connection via meridian something very specific to TCM),(...) I was able to bring some of that heat down, together with points on the Spleen.
Why Spleen? Spleen is the earth element, it is the queen of digestion together with Stomach and Intestine it governs Digestion, absorption and assimilation (again Western Medical spleen does not much other than recycles blood cells, but think of it as a concept and energetic center than a physical one).... The heat in Small Intestine came form deficiency (very long period of stress years ago), so the heat needs to be controlled but not put down.
The Earth Spleen Element-digestion, is generated by Fire-Element (Mother and Child relationship - 5 Elements Theory) in order to have function of digestion working in order I needed to regulate Spleen and Heart/ Pericardium/ Liver relationship using the Spleen and Small Intestine Meridian {as well as Liver} in (on those meridians Fire Wood and Earth Points, but as I said I started with Water on Small Intestine to bring the "inflammation down" so to speak). Once that communication was reestablished and those organs got a bit more energy via acupuncture and moxibustion the whole system started to function a bit better.

It sounds a bit poetic and maybe crazy to a Western (Modern) Medicine but I know you will get some sense out of it.
It is actually a very specific medicine it just sounds "airy fairy" :)

I did not get any answer back I think the doctor is still reading that e-mail wondering what has happened.

mercredi 2 juin 2010

Meridian Therapy Part One

Please participate in this one with me:
...we observe all the signs already from the moment patient walks into the treatment room.
The complexion, the voice, the smell the expression everything starts to form the diagnosis. As the patients lays on the table we check the pulse standing next to the table and examine both wrists pulse "listening" to all the glands and organs energetic/physiological characteristics reflected by the pulse. Beware that is takes years of practice to really understand everything you will feel under your fingertips. Shudo Sensei said it took him about 10 years(:. Than we will have patients tell us all the details of why they actually came to see us. Often we are last resort because Western (Modern) medicine had no solution. This is your chance! Because Oriental Medicine understand human body much deeper than analytical dissecting medicine EVER will! Why? Because you can only understand minute things when you understand the big picture get IT? That is why quantum physicists have no problem understanding existence of Qi/Ki and flow of Energy/Light in the body. Because they have seen "Quantum" and now thy are looking for the opposite (LOL) Here is the good news: in Meridian therapy we have something as hara diagnosis that can greatly help in making proper diagnosis. The fantastic charts of abdominal pathology are presented in Ikeda Sensei "Japanese Meridian Therapy". As pressing the key points for for finding pattern of pathology. It seams simple but searching fingers must be trained by repeated exercise and practice with time just as pulse. Do not be ashamed of keep trying. That is when you keep practicing one day you will "get" something right from the pulse, some other day you will "get" something from the abdomen, other times you will "know" when the pale patient comes is that the blood needs to be tonified etc. It becomes easier and easier when you are PRESENT. It gets less accurate with Practitioners with stress, emotions and tiredness. When you get how precise and accurate Oriental Medicine can be you will have a natural desire and passion and respect for this treasure called Oriental Medicine.