dimanche 22 juillet 2012

Quick note on very important book.

Manfred Porkert in his "The Theoretical Foundations of Chinese Medicine. System of Correspondences."explains in his very first paragraph some very precious point about Chinese Medicine:
"Chinese Medicine, like other Chinese sciences, defines data on basis of the inductive mode of cognition."Inductive" corresponds to a logical link between two effective positions existing at the same time in different places in space. (Conversely, causality is the logical link between two effective positions given at different times at the same place in space.)
In other words, effects based on positions that are separate in space yet simultaneous in time are mutually inductive and thus called inductive and thus called inductive effects."

TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) is "inductive and synthetic as opposed to casual and analytic mode of cognition (...)" .  How than could we use analytic thinking to explain TCM.
 We cannot, it is absurd from the start, yet modern medicine and scientist try over and over again to prove and explain the Classical Oriental Medicine to make everybody happy and comfortable.  Unfortunately this is a blind path until we realize that it is OK to use different model to explain something.

I am grateful for this book form Dr Manfred Porkert as well as for Dr Warren Fisher who introduced it at a TCM Seminar in 2011. This book description of Qi (as relationship) yin and yang as qualifiers etc, have grounded Oriental Medicine for us "illiterate" doctors of this medicine from the West, us who understand some but do not read fluently Chinese or other language of the Orient.

 Happy reading!